To sum it all up: We love our daughter. Elizabeth is a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent little girl. We thank Russia for giving her to us. Otherwise, we did not enjoy Russia. In their defense, we weren't there under normal circumstances. It was not a vacation. We felt under pressure and stressed-out as we spent most …

New look

There are hundreds of "themes" for this blogging software and I liked this one. It doesn't show the ads I had, but those didn't earn any money, anyway. Still working on that Adoption Video. Actually, if you have any ideas for it, please let me know by posting a comment.

Stay tuned

I hope to get the rest of the photos and videos on here, at least in raw form, over the next few days. I think I'm getting over my post traumatic stress disorder from the trip and can now face looking at the video again. 🙂 Regarding Comments, I had to set those to require …

Airport arrival

Some pictures as we arrived in the airport. There was a great welcoming party there! We've never had an airport welcoming party before!

A few pictures

Finally, some pictures of Elizabeth.  They're not even the latest, but it should hold you over if you've never seen her before.

Riding the Metro

We're going to attempt to ride the Metro subway to Red Square today. Wish us luck. The exits aren't numbered, they are listed by name ... in Cyrillic. Of course, the overhead announcements are in Russian. One helpful thing is that the announcements are in a male voice if you're going toward the center of …