Contentment is lying in bed, social networking on my laptop, listening to my wife and daughter "fight"/tease each other in the other room, while I've got the cat cuddled up on my left and two out of three pugs cuddled up on my right.


UPDATE:  Franklin has been adopted!  Our daughter was sad to see him go, but he's now in a good home.  🙂 And they're close to us, so Elizabeth might get to visit sometimes.

Mystery solved

I solved an old mystery today, thanks to one of the Russian language podcasts I've been listening to lately.  It's a phase I'm going through.  I'm starting to listen to Hindi, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese, too.  I guess I'm doing all of the "BRICS" languages, for some reason --except South Africa, since I already speak …

The virtual recovery

... the low 2011 real median household income is the summation, in most cases, of two household earners, whereas in 1967–68 one earner could produce the same real income. ... when both husband and wife have to work in order to maintain the same purchasing power, household income from the wife’s in-kind household services is …

Can your cat drive you to suicide?

From: Don Subject: can your cat drive you to suicide? From: diankat The answer is "yes", but not through parasite worms. Mostly through bringing live animals into the house and letting them loose so you can encounter them whilst sitting on the commode. From: Bill That, or they wake you up every two hours …