Petition in favor of Russian adoption

Please sign the petition (at the bottom of this post) in favor of Russian adoption.  I did. My wife and I adopted from Russia in 2007.  You can watch the videos here and here.  Of course it has been difficult at times -- she's a child, after all -- but it never once occurred to us …

Adoption video

OK, so it took a year, but here they are, finally: Part 1 | Part 2 You'll see all of our videos of Elizabeth, including the updated versions of these, on the right side on the above linked page.


To sum it all up: We love our daughter. Elizabeth is a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent little girl. We thank Russia for giving her to us. Otherwise, we did not enjoy Russia. In their defense, we weren't there under normal circumstances. It was not a vacation. We felt under pressure and stressed-out as we spent most …

New look

There are hundreds of "themes" for this blogging software and I liked this one. It doesn't show the ads I had, but those didn't earn any money, anyway. Still working on that Adoption Video. Actually, if you have any ideas for it, please let me know by posting a comment.