This year’s vegetable garden

My checklist for this year's vegetable garden: Soil tilled?  Check! Top soil added?  Check! Plants bought?  Check! Seeds for plants not available for purchase?  Check! Plants planted?  Check! Now the watering ... and waiting begins! // Oh, you're wondering what I planted? Lettuce room for cabbage Strawberries Cucumbers Onions room for bell peppers room for radishes Tomatoes …

The Case for a 25-Hour Work Week This Is Not a Joke

Whatever you may think of this theory, there are certainly many who think (including Sheryl Sandberg) the status quo the 40/50 hour work week is not only detrimental to ones health, but actually not that productive. via The Case for a 25-Hour Work Week This Is Not a Joke |

Best Places to Go in 2013

Travel Picks: Best Places to Go in 2013 : CondĂ© Nast Traveler.   Nashville made the list!  Here's what they about it: ... The new Nashville offers two things worth traveling for: a hot, trendy new food scene and its famous, funky music scene. The "haute southern" cuisine is flourishing in Nashville at restaurants like The Patterson House and The Catbird Seat. …


Contentment is lying in bed, social networking on my laptop, listening to my wife and daughter "fight"/tease each other in the other room, while I've got the cat cuddled up on my left and two out of three pugs cuddled up on my right.