Alzheimer’s reversal

Wow!  Good news!

  • Eliminating all simple carbohydrates and gluten
  • Eliminating processed food
  • Eating more vegetables and fruits
  • Eating wild-caught fish
  • Meditating twice a day
  • Starting yoga
  • Increasing sleep to between seven and eight hours each night
  • Daily supplementation of coenzyme Q10, fish oil, melatonin, methylcobalamin, and vitamin D3
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Guess who foals first

We bred two of our standardbred mares to a Gypsy last October, and now we are spending all our nights waiting for their arrival.  We will need some names.  “R Bad Girl” is one mare, and “Linear” is the other.  The name of the stud is “Cowboy.”

Guess who foals first, with the hour and day.  The due date was September 30th, so it can happen at any moment!!

  — Jeannie, with Harmony Haven Therapeutic Riding
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One too many cats

I was up a little earlier than usual this morning, which apparently surprised one of the cats in our house.  The thing is, we only have one cat.  Any more than that is too many.  This one — either a stray or just one of the neighbor’s cats, I don’t know; either way, it’s apparently our cat’s buddy — was just coming out of my bathroom where we keep the cat food, and I was just coming out of my bedroom.  It saw me and casually strolled back into the bathroom.  It probably then thought better of that move, fearing I was headed toward the bathroom myself — you know, to get some of that tasty cat food for myself — so it came back out and took off running past me toward the back pet door.  The only problem is that dogs and cats just can’t get any traction on our hardwood floors, so it was slipping and flopping as it tried to run as fast as it could.

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It made it past me and out the pet door without a problem, probably because I just stood there, half asleep and half amused at what I was seeing.  I couldn’t see much this whole time because the house was almost completely dark except for the light from the master bathroom nightlight behind me and the nightlight in the “cat food” bathroom ahead of me.  So, I wasn’t entirely sure that wasn’t just our cat, Sunny.  It was only after I went into the kitchen to make coffee and turned on the overhead light that I saw Sunny sitting there alternately looking at me, then the pet door, as if to say, “Did you see that?!  There was another cat in the house!”

As if she didn’t already know that!  :)  I’m just chalking it up to life’s way of preparing me for when my little girl starts bringing home unwanted boyfriends who will probably also want to eat my food.